Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Krabi 7 days.....

Day 1

Bought Airasia Go promotion ticket sometime back for this trip ...4days free2night package...didnt realise when purchasing the luggage was not included in the package thus had to pay RM50 extra....rushed after taking boarding pass towards gate ..only to find out flight delayed 15 minutes...reached krabi @ 150pm local time & again made a mistake....should have pre-arranged transportation to the hotel....went straight to airasia counter to upgrade luggage 15kg for return trip..then took taxi to hotel...600 bhat...the taxi driver went straight to a tourist information office claiming that the packages offered at the hotel is expensive...since they were very convincing we purchased jungle trekking & phi phi island one day trip...paid 4400 plus 132(cc 3% charge) and left to hotel....upon arriving to Sunda entering the premise one would feel its quite a bad place....but its not...i would gv a 2.5 star for this place ... checked in and immediately asked the hotel staff for 1day tour packages my surprise its the same with the information office...lesson learned - next time dont buy immediately... got into room & took a short nap,,,,,woke up & found air cond water was dripping ....went out to Anong beach area....the resort is giving free ride to Anong & naporathara....while looking for a nice place to eat started to rain ...called for a mini motorcycle tut tut to go to nearest place to eat phad thai ...paid 60 Bhat n he dropped us at a phad thai shop further up from aanong beach ....finally able to taste phad Thai after so long ... the last i tasted was went we were in Phuket ...rain did not seemed to took mini motor tutu tut again to go aanong beach area....went to a few shops & it started to rain heavily again....all of sudden the whole electricity just went off...pitch dark everywhere ....after around 10 minutes it came back again ...since its raining, called the resort to pick us up to go back to hotel....reported abt the aircond water to reception n they sent a technician whom rectified the fault....and that was it ... day 1 finished...

Day 2

Got up early morning & went for breakfast ...ate like a king :P then got ready for the day tour...jungle trekking...the driver came around 8.30am to pick us up...Kabun was his name...we drove to Hot Spring waterfall...took a short bath ...Kabun advised not to be in more than 20 minutes...according to him the place that we went contains more mineral compared to other places....then from there we left to Emerald pool ...had to walk 800 up hill to reach this pool....the place looks good with clear water greenish in color...Kabun mentioned the water will be clear since its not crowded...then we served with lunch at the exit...after went around the shops to check out wasnt that nice...but saw some were selling pistols..its heavy like real guns ...& cheap but not sure if it will be allowed to bring through airport :( so sad....

Then we left for elephant walk was a good experience but disappointed ..because its was just around the area next to the elephant camp and not a proper jungle trekking ....after spending an hour we left to tiger cave temple....its a cave with many Buddha's statues...& a tiger shrine...the energy flow was quite powerful....there was also a kuan shi yin temple nearby ...went around the temple ...there were even Thailand's Lord Ganesha statue...There were lots of monkeys around too...nearby they are building a big Pagoda to keep the Buddha Relic collected from all the countries around the world...and that was the tour...kinda tiring ...on the way back saw a local market(pasar malam) was open ask the hotel to drop us there...since its very near to our hotel..while waiting for the tut tut...played sepak takraw for a while ...then left to local market ...nothing much interesting over there so we left early ...came back to hotel again & played sepak takraw again ...for another 30 minutes...then back to room & got ready n left to Aanong & shop around ...went for dinner & ordered phat thai & tom yam ...both were equally BAD!!!!! after dinner left back to hotel...

Day 3

rented a motorbike from the hotel & we started our journey for the day....went for a massage - it was happy hour with 50% promotion between 12-2pm...took thai massage & medicure & pedicure... rain started pouring again...went to next door hotel restaurant to take lunch...left after rain stopped ...we went around walking to check out the shops....bought some stuff n left to hotel ....joined the hotel staff to play sepak takraw...then left to krabi town after getting ready at was quite a long trip to night market took us almost 30 minutes to reach thx to 2 thai girls whom lead the way....night market wasnt much ....probably those who can eat anything would love it...we left early from there ...not really knowing the way we took a risk..somehow managed but took a wrong as we were abt to reach ...manage to ask around n reached safely back home...trip was pretty tiring but we enjoyed the ride....

Day 4

Got ready early for the Phi phi island tour....the speed boat tour was good ...went for few island hopping and finally back home...the islands were not kept nothing much to say ...came back n rested for the day ....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Learn Modernized English :)

“What a terrific downpour we had last night. It was quite amazing, wasn't it?”

“It certainly was. The wind knocked down a couple of trees, and we didn't have power all night.”

“Really? We were very lucky, then. We didn't have power for half an hour.”

“But that must have been enough to send your sister into a postmodem depression.”

“Postmodem depression! What kind of depression is that?”

“The kind of depression that some people go into when they realise they are unable to access the internet.”

“My cousin Mohan went into a postmodem depression when he was visiting us. He wanted to update his Facebook account, and he just couldn't log in. He was so depressed, he didn't talk to us for a couple of hours.”

“When my colleague went to the village to see his parents, he went into a postmodem depression.”

“Mohan cheered up only after he got a message on his cell phone from his friend.”

“It must have given him textual satisfaction.”

“Textual satisfaction? What are you talking about?”

“What is it that most people do nowadays when they come out of a meeting or class?”

“I can tell you what I do. Usually, I take out my cell phone and check if I have any messages or missed calls.”

“And when you find that you do, how do you feel?

“I feel absolutely thrilled. I'm happy to know that someone was thinking of me while I was in class.”

“That's what textual satisfaction is. It's the satisfaction you get when you realise that you have a missed call or a new message.”

“How about this example? I had textual satisfaction on my birthday. My friends were sending me messages all day long.”

“Textual satisfaction is something that people of my generation don't understand, I'm afraid. Did you get many presents on your birthday?”

“I certainly did. Some of the gifts were extremely difficult to open. It drove me crazy.”

“The anger that you sometimes feel trying to unwrap something is called ‘wrap rage'.”

“I see. That's a nice term. The video game that my parents had bought was so tightly packed that it took me nearly twenty minutes to open it. That was the first time I ever experienced wrap rage.”

“I understand wrap rage is quite common in the U.S. and Britain during Christmas.”

“That's not at all surprising. I'm sure...”

“Whenever I buy something for my grandparents, I always repack it so that it's easy to open. I certainly don't want them to experience wrap rage.”

“I wish some of my friends had done the same. By the way, did you send me a gift?”

“Wishful thinking. But I did call, remember?”

“That's right! But it's cheaper to send a message.”

“True, but it takes me too long. I'm textually challenged.”

“Textually challenged? Does it mean you find it difficult to text?”

“Yes, it does. Someone who is textually challenged finds it difficult to send messages on his cell. He makes the receiver wait because it takes him a long time to type out a simple message.”

“I guess that's the reason my grandfather never responds to my messages. He's textually challenged.”

“That may be true.”

* * *

“In examinations, those who do not wish to know ask questions of those who cannot tell.” — Walter Raleigh

Monday, July 27, 2009

Goodbye Boss ....

Lucas Mentink


24 Sept 1962 - 12 July 2009

Lucas was my big Boss for a year back when Shell outsource the IT Services to EDS. Being very down to earth person , he was a perfect gentleman. It's sad to have lost someone like him. I have not worked close with him though he was my big boss , he was always humble and very knowledgeable.

The thing that i always admire with Lucas is that he will be always smiling. Its not easy to always keep that smiling face all day long. I will be definetly missing him ......

Thursday, June 25, 2009

MJ passes away...

He was my favourite musician...Loved his musics so much ....Always wished i could have attended at least one of his concert...its too late now...

I will be so gifted to say in future that i lived during MJ era... Great musician and a Legend ...

The world lost another precious one today ...its a contribution for him when this world will change to become a better place to live....


Frustration of a Malaysian Student ....

Subject: FW: Graduates from Russia (must read)
When gov't scholarships are mismanaged
Weasley May 26, 09 4:24pm
I am a medical student from Russia as well. Best part is, I or ratherwe, did not choose to come here. We are all scholars sent here by eitherJPA or MARA.
If you were to Google "Moscow Medical Academy" it is ranked by UNESCO asthe second best medical university in the world.. Do not be fooled bythis because I was one who was fooled as well. Only after I landed inMoscow did I know that the "2nd best in the world" is specificallygranted to the Russian medium of this medical school.
We, Malaysians, are doing the English medium and I must say it's anutter shame that the government actually spent millions of tax payersmoney to send us all here to study medicine. The teaching facilities ormethods of the English medium here is way below par, way below that of athird world country even. Some classrooms here even resemble the ones wehave in our 'kampungs' in rural areas such as those in Sabah and Sarawak(thank you so much for sending us here all the way to Moscow toexperience this!).
For your information, this so-called Moscow Medical Academy does noteven have a campus to begin with. Classes are scattered all over Moscow.We students are forced to travel everyday via Metro, or by foot, or busto attend classes. Also, there are times when we would have travelled sofar to attend classes, and upon arrival at school, only to be told that classes are cancelled.
The Malaysian government could have spent the money more wisely toeducate us in Malaysia, Singapore or India. We get paid almost USD700per month, which I believe is a huge amount of taxpayers money.However, I doubt we will bring back much knowledge to be able to helpthe patients back home.While there are some of us who save and spend the money wisely due tothe high cost of living here, there are a huge majority of private andsponsored students who come here just to enjoy. Frequent parties,weekend getaways, world tours, and shopping sprees are common amongstudents here.
The lifestyle of many Malaysians change tremendously once they camehere. They behave even worse than the "Mat Sallehs" here.. Malaysiangirls here, for instance, would walk around ever so skimpily leavingnothing to the imagination (even during winter!).
Whatever happened to the Malaysian culture? Many here have even losttheir virginity at the tender age of 18 or 19 simply because a guy orgirl can walk in ever so easily into the rooms of the opposite sex.Many Malaysian medical students behave as though they have no selfdignity. However, they potray the best behaviour once they land inMalaysia as though they are the best Malaysian angels. Sadly, we allknow their true colours when they are here in Moscow. Hypocrites!
These Malaysians are surely to be huge dissapointments to their familiesas well to the nation. Exams and studies are the least priority for themany who are here. I wonder why did some people choose to study medicinein the very first place.
Let me also give u an insight of the education system here. You want toknow why the majority of Russian grads are so incompetent and useless?Well, first and foremost, we can get away with cheating ever so easilyduring exams. You may ask how.
Many students here aren't bothered about being honest for themselves.Many just merely do the bare minimum of studying and copied theirfriend's answers or directly from the books during the exams. Thesestudents fail to realise that they are only cheating themselves. The onewho helps with the cheating is also going to lose out in the end oncehe/she is out of medic school and into the work world.
Another method which works really well for the girls is simply to shedsome crocodile tears during exams and instantly the lecturer would granther a mere pass. How is this fair to students like me who slog day andnight, mugging and studying extremely hard with the simple intention ofgraduating as a competent doctor?
After all, these cheaters would be graduating with a MD certificate andwould turn out to be the bad apples in the healthcare system inMalaysia. Thus, leading senior doctors to generalise and say that allRussian grads are incompetent. Does anyone have any idea how frustratingthis is?
Many students who sit for exams earlier would simply snap a photo of thedifferent sets of questions and answers to be distributed to the rest ofthe students who have yet to sit for their exams.
How is this helping anyone? Can you even call this an exam? Does it fitthe definition of an exam? So, can you imagine what kind of doctorswe're producing here? A bunch of cheaters, liars, and irresponsiblefuture doctors!
No wonder countries like the UK refuse to accept Russian medical gradsfor their postgraduate courses. Simply because we have never even satfor a proper exam per say throughout our six years of study here.
Look at the UK universities/colleges. Do they even allow any student oftheirs to bring in PDAs, camera handphones, bags, and books into theexam venue? Do they allow any exam candidate to communicate with anothercandidate once the question paper has been distributed? Do students knowthe exact questions and answers prior to the exams? Hell no! These onlyhappen in Russia.
So, wake up people.To those of you who are planning to send your offsprings to Russia for amedical degree, please, I'm begging you, think again. You're not onlygoing to lose your money, but also perhaps the good name and dignity ofyour family.
This is merely an opinion of mine and not directed to insult, degrade orhumiliate anyone. I believe there is nothing wrong in sharing myopinion.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My experience With NAZA PJ

This happen between december 08 - june 09 early of this month , 9 (as usual since i am always busy ..updating late...)

December 08
We booked NAZA Bestari (Peugeot 206) on 31st December 2008....from Naza PJ ( next to the federal highway ) then started the headache....

January - 09
My gf was working in Kedah so she have to go back in order to sent me all her letters and payslip for the car she went back and then sent me all that was requested by the sales agent ..Ahrar after submitted it took almost a month , everytime call the SA he will inform still processing ....

February 09

Then he informed me that one of the letters need to be refill again i went and collected and then sent to Kedah and got it back after a week and then sent to him again ..Till februaury no updates then one day we got to know from the office people that our SA met with accident so he was MC for a month....during that time the management ...requested another SA to help out Ahrar's cases there came ...NAZRI into the picture ...Nazri was even worse ..i had to call him almost everyday ...until at last he told me the forms need to be refill again ....(the form was already submitted twice )

March 09

So it went on without any update from their side ... we were stuck as we cannot contact them answer from phone ...

April 09

Sumwhere in the middle Ahrar came back ...and informed the forms needs to be sign by the Headmaster ( all the documents like bank statement , payslip and ic ..- since my gf works as Teacher ) ...ok we were very upset ... but still we did and sent to him ...

May 09

Towards the end Ahrar called me to inform that car is arrived and now its at local service factory for QC check . He requested me to go and get number for the car ...thus we went to Padang Jawa and paid RM 210 to buy the number (even for this when i asked him to take he asked for RM 400 ) ... then when we called him he promised the car can be collected 2/3 March 09 ...after a few days called him he didnt answer his phone ...i called the office and one guy called "eddy" answered and told it will take 10 days ...i got so pissed off and shouted at him...then i asked him for his managers number but he said dont have and he is away the next day i called he loan department and enquire about cancelling the loan. She said there is no problem but we need to write a letter. so we draft a letter and immediately rush to their loan department and submitted and cancelled the loan. While we were drafting the letter we received the call from ahrar's manager ( out of nowhere came the manager ) . he started apologizing and asking us to reconsider. He said he will he will give us t-shirt and full oil (the worst offer that i ever seen). We said NO and told we will be coming after cancelling the loan. He even told us that the car will be ready at 2pm (wow , how come suddenly can do so fast). We reached their office in the evening and collected the documents. As we were leaving the SA asked us to view the car before leaving. There was the car with the number plate on it. That time there was another car next to it, the SA told me that the owner's father came drove the car until the main gate and made a U-Turn and gave back the car.( Thank god i cancelled earlier )

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Credit Card SCAM

Beware people ....

I got a call from so call MBF officer today ( 03 2172 1000 ) to update my credit card details....
he claimed that the number displayed on my phone is the HQ number of MBF.....i knew it that time this guy was trying to con me ...i was so tired and sleepy so i just ignored and ask him to call back later ....and he didnt people anyone call asking to update your credit card details ....make sure you dont ....wish i can catch the culprits who is selling the information ( phone number , details of CC , name and etc ) and sue them ....damn you guys...